Say Hello to the new You!

At Christ Triumphant Church, we believe God can change our lives! Christ Triumphant Church (CTC) is a non-denominational Christ Centered Church. We are convinced that the only way to reach our personal and spiritual goals is to provide SOUND Biblical Doctrine that helps us to withstand the storms of life. This is what you will hear in each bible study and worship experience.

At CTC…. We love You…And there is nothing you can ever do about it!!!

What to expect

We know visiting a church for the first time, or coming back to church after a long time away, can be very intimidating. The CTC team is very intentional about making you feel comfortable and allow you to be as anonymous as you would prefer. You can relax, without fear of being embarrassed. We don’t announce guests, and don’t make them stand or say anything.

Upon entering our facility you will be greeted by one of our hospitality staff and given a guest pack(gift), connection card. CTC guests are encouraged to complete a Connection Card and return back to us by end of service. Everyone is welcome and we make sure CTC is a safe place to explore faith, no matter where you are at in your journey.

What should I expect during the worship experience?

The worship experience is typically 90 minutes and begins with a modern music experience with a few traditional hyms to mix things up. The talks from our pastor are Bible based and each week they give you something to apply in your daily life. We use modern technology to connect, engage, inspire, motivate and challenge.

What should I wear

We may be the most casual church you’ve ever encountered. Come as you are. That can mean jeans, a tshirt, shorts, sandals, or something fancier. It’s up to you. Generally speaking, if you’re comfortable, we’re comfortable.

Are you going to ask me for money?

CTC members, church attendees and Ministry Partners support the church financially. We don’t expect our guests to do that. We do have collection boxes available during Sunday morning worship, however, only give if you feel led to do so.

Church Services and times

If you are considering visiting CTC for the first time, we encourage you to come and see what Sunday mornings are like or you can also view us online!  Directions to find us are here.
Our Sunday worship services are at 10am.  On every Wednesday we have Word Study at 7pm.  Please feel free to join us.

Church Online Live and On Demand Sermon Archive

We stream all of our church services live to the internet and we have an on
demand archive of our services. You can check us out before you ever walk in the
door or you can catch up on a message you may have missed.