Our Mission

To Connect to God’s presence through worship to Connect to God’s people through fellowship to Grow in God’s word through discipleship to Grow God’s church through evangelism to serve God’s world through ministry.

Our Vision

In ten years…

We see a place where those who are trying to figure life out can get answers: Where the depressed, lonely, frustrated, hurting, and confused can find hope, comfort, guidance, and encouragement. Where the unemployed and underemployed can be trained for brighter futures and overextended single parents can find support. We see a place with counseling, support groups, and feeding services. A PLACE OF LOVE.

We see a youth complex with state of the art entertainment and educational activities… a place where teens and families can have a safe and positive place to have FUN.

We see a CONNECTED and thriving community of over one thousand believers who are committed to Christ and have completed the Triumphant Life process. These are not just attendees, but believers who have been GROWING in spiritual maturity and have committed to discover and use their God-given spiritual gifts by SERVING others.

We see the Triumphant Life Institute expanding to host accredited bible courses, conferences, and career and technical training to empower and equip men and women with the skills necessary to improve their individual lives and livelihoods. A PLACE of TRIUMPH.

We see a publication ministry that produces Christian and life-building RESOURCES for people to be blessed for generations beyond our lifetime.

We see a multi-site church with a variety of ministry locations throughout the DFW metroplex to include small group and bible study locations, youth ministry hubs, training centers, and worship campuses. We see an Internet campus that touches tens of thousands of people throughout the world, providing daily and weekly training and inspiration from the Word of God. They may never actually make it to a Christ Triumphant physical campus, but we dream of BLESSING them RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.

We see the purchase of 10+ acres of land along the George Bush Corridor. Here, we will build a regional worship campus to serve the greater Dallas area with classrooms, vibrant youth facilities, and a beautiful high-tech sanctuary that will reflect the GLORY AND PROMISE OF GOD.

We SEE it, we SENSE it, we KNOW it will come to pass!